Broken Instruments

Find metaphors to your situation by working with broken instruments

Find a broken instrument that is so broken that is it is difficult to play as intended or with minimal interference from the player / composer. An example is a smashed recorder or a guitar with broken strings. You are not required to understand any formal musical theory or be able to play music in the formal sense. You don’t have to find a broken harmonium, it can be literally any instrument compromised by overuse, neglect or a breakage. Record the results with a small digital recorder or a smartphone and upload it to a account with the tag ‘brokenspace’ with a one paragraph about your relationship with this instrument. How does it feel? Liberating? Stupid? You should include a square portrait of the instrument as the image soundcloud requires for the track. When you then search for ‘brokenspace’ on soundcloud you will find out if anyone else is doing the same kind of investigation. 

pdf pic