At present this page is a modest placeholder but I have some quite important ambitions for it. When I’ve developed the idea, it will investigate a highly specialised sub genre of music and sound art we may term ‘soundcurtains’.

I define a ‘soundcurtain’ as an audio file designed to:

a) Block out the external audio when too invasive
b) Trigger the relaxation response

Soundcurtains can be explored actively as a project on the site and passively in that section. Essentially, they are pulsing soundtracks where white noise, modest development of tone and timbre and other sonic qualities conspire to trigger this relaxation response.

I’ll be designing a page about it as well as showcasing different soundcurtains I’ve been involved in making such as the example above – which is a collection of sound sources made in the village of Helmsdale in Sutherland, mixed with my studio – and also long stretches of natural white noise found at seashores, such as one of my favourite field recordings below, made in Eigg.